2020+ Sierra HD Clear Fender Markers (Klearz DIY Kit)


Made to order


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Clear fender markers are an easy inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your truck.

We now offer 3 different options

Option 1 (on this page)

Klearz DIY kit:
Lenses (with GMC logo) and housings are shipped unassembled with optional white LED board. The LED board plugs right into your factory wiring without any modifications.
You are responsible for installing the LED board in the housings and sealing the markers (using a clear 2 part epoxy). See installation instructions.

Option 2 (on this page)

Klearz DIY kit:
Lenses (with GMC logo) and housings are shipped unassembled. We provide some aftermarket led strips which can be installed on the housings before sealing the markers. These will have to be spliced into your wiring. 
Professional installation is suggested. 

See more information on the switchback LED stripsRGB strips and Smoked strip covers

Option 3 (
see product details)

We are also offering these plug and play fender markers. They are not manufactured by Klearz but they are great quality.

1 set = 4 lenses

2020+ Sierra HD

2023+ Canyon

Before starting, we suggest testing the LEDs to make sure they work. 

1. Drill out the holes in the housings for the connectors on the LED boards. 

2. Test fit the LED board, trim down some of the mounting points as needed. 

3. Trim down the housings if its a bit too long. This can also be done after assembly

4. Test fit lenses on housings, reshape by sanding or applying heat if some of the gaps are too big. The gap seen in the picture is easily sealed with epoxy during the assembly process. More then that and it should be adjusted before assembly. 

5. The housing mating surface has already been sanded, for a good bond, also sand the matting surface of the lenses, clean inside of lenses very well after this step. 

6. Put a dab of epoxy on each mounting point. 

7. Install LED board, let the epoxy set

8. We also like to add a dab of epoxy on each inside corner

9. Protect the surface of the lenses with painters tape to avoid getting epoxy, finger prints, or clamp marks on the surface

10. Apply a thin bead of clear epoxy on the edge of the housing, UV resistant epoxy is recommended

11. Carefully line up the lens with the housing

12. Adjust the alignment and then wipe away excess epoxy with a clean finger

13. Clamp on the side that was just wiped clean

14. inspect all 4 edges and make sure the alignment is correct, now is the time to make adjustments if its not.

15. Wipe epoxy from the other edges of the housing, add more clamps. Check alignment one last time. 

16. Let epoxy cure overnight. The next day closely inspect the sealed edge, if you find any gaps or holes, patch them with another thin layer of epoxy