How does the new Klearz Marketplace website work?

The new website was created to make it easier for enthusiasts to find all the clear lenses and white LED replacements for their vehicle in one place.

First and foremost it will be much easier to navigate and order from the different Klearz franchises. The products from each franchise will be under one website. You can add products from multiple franchises in the shopping cart. When its time to checkout, products from each franchise will be grouped together and you'll be able to do a separate checkout for each location. Once a location has been checked out, keep an eye on the confirmation page, it will alert you that more products need to be checked out, follow the link (or go back to the cart) and checkout the items from the other vendors. 

You'll notice a Vendor tag on each product page. This will easily let you know which  franchise/vendor will be responsible for the order.

There will also be 3rd party vendors on the website. Clearly identified by the Vendor tag on each product page. We cannot guarantee shipping time or quality from the 3rd party vendors but rest assured that we will only post quality products on our site and if we receive too many complaints from a 3rd party vendor, they will be removed from our site. 

Get in touch with us if you'd like to join the Klearz Marketplace

We did our best to import all the customer information but you might need to reset your password

Do you offer any discounts or coupon codes?

We don't offer any discounts or ever run any sales on our products, instead we keep our prices as low as possible at all times. This way you don't have to wait for the next holiday to catch the best sale price. Everyday is our best price possible. 

We do offer wholesale pricing for shops who order in bulk

What is in a set?

As a general rule, a set is almost always 2 lenses, left and right. Some trucks come with 4 reflectors in the headlights, our sets will always match that. If a car has identical side markers for the front and back, you will need to select 2 sets to replace all lenses. For cab lights, if the truck has 5 lenses, our set will include 5 lenses. Third brake lights come as a single lens. There is no trick, we always supply you with what you need to complete the project.

What payment method do you accept?

Most vendors on our marketplace will process orders with Paypal, you can also send a payment through paypal using your credit card or debit card without having to create an account.

All charges are in USD funds.

Do you ship to my country? How much is shipping to my country?

We ship worldwide, if your interested in a shipping quote, add a product to the shopping cart. Then click on the shopping cart (top right). From there you will be able to get a shipping quote.

Can you make clear lenses for my car?

We are always looking for new projects, if your looking for something that we don't currently produce, send us an email with some details. We specialize in smaller lenses such as turn signals, side markers and headlight markers.

While we can produce larger lenses such as tail lights, we usually try to stay under 12 inches.

If you want us to consider making lenses for your car, keep in mind that it needs to be something that others will be interested in as well. If your not sure, usually a post on a forum or facebook group will let you know pretty quickly if others are looking for the same thing.

We almost always work with group buys of 10 or more unless its something we're already interested in.

Can you make lenses in a custom color?

Our main colors are clear and smoked. We have discontinued our light smoked color (also known as smoked 5%). It can still be ordered by using the 'custom color' option but it will add 3-5 days to the production time. Red, amber and white are also available for some products for an additional fee. Other custom colors can be hand mixed for a premium fee.

We can do almost any color, including bright colors, or just a slight tint. We can add some reflective pearl flakes to the lenses. This is a similar effect to metallic paint on a car/truck. Here are a few examples of different colors we have done in the past.

We can add pearl, its hard to photograph properly, but it ads an extra sparkle just like metallic/pearl automotive paint.

What currency do you use?

Since we have a mix of Canadian and US based franchises selling on the website, all the prices are in USD funds

Can you see the LEDs through the smoked lenses?

We use a medium smoke for our smoked lenses which lets the bulb shine through with no issues.

Do I need load resistors? Why are my turn signals hyper flashing?

Our load resistors are the perfect solution for Hyper Flash (bulb out signal / OBC error message) caused by LED bulbs.

Most newer cars require these resistors when using LED bulbs for turn signals, especially switchback LEDs.

Installation is easy, simply install it between the bulb and the power. Quick connects are included but splicing into the wiring is preferable.

  • Works with 1156, 1157 and 3157 bulbs.
  • Easy pre-wired, Plug & play installation. No tools and modification needed.
  • Power: 50W
  • Resistance: 6 ohm
  • Work on all 12V DC vehicles
  • Dimensions: Approx. 5 x 2.2 x 1.7 cm (1.97 x 0.9 x 0.6 inch)


NOTE : These load resister may get really hot. Please mount them on metal surface and not in contact with any plastic parts.

If your looking for a similar option for T10 bulbs, select the 'error free' bulbs when checking out.

What is the difference between 1 and 5 SMD LEDs. What are Error Free LEDs?

What is an SMD? LED = Light Emitting Diode SMD = Surface Mount Diode LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are small, solid light bulbs which are extremely energy efficient. SMDs (Surface Mount Diodes) are the next generation LED light.

Since SMDs are 3 times brighter then regular LEDs, a 5 SMD bulb is brighter then a 1 SMD bulb

Note: LED lamps have a positive and negative terminals, so if there is no lighting after inserting it into socket, simply remove it and insert it in the other direction. We offer white, red, amber, blue and green LEDs

Error free LEDs

The canbus error free bulbs are designed to eliminate hyper flash, flicker problems and on dash warning errors that are common on most cars when replacing side marker bulbs with LED bulbs.

How do I open my headlights or tail lights?


The process to open up most headlights is the same, here are some tips that should help for most headlights.

PREHEAT (very important to preheat) your oven to around 150 degrees F. While it is preheating, remove any screws on the backside of the headlight which hold the lens to the housing (if present). Once oven is preheated, place one headlight in the oven for ten to fifteen minutes. Remove headlight, then you can use a couple flathead screwdrivers to carefully pry the clear lens off.

If the sealant is not softening in the oven you might need to cut it apart using a dremel or oscillating tool. Many of the newer headlights use permaseal which has to be cut or is just harder to separate.

BE SURE not to touch the inside of the lens or the chrome housings as they will be perfectly clean. This will prevent you from have to clean or polish them later. Remove the inside bezel and swap out the amber lenses for the clear, in most cases they will need epoxied in.

To reassemble the headlight with soft sealant, place in oven for another 10-15 minutes, then clamp together and reinstall the screws. This should seal up your headlight for you, but I like to supplement with a nice bead of clear silicone all around the outside as well as a backup. Ideally you should remove all the old sealant and use some new butyl to seal up the headlights.

These are just generic instructions but it should be helpful for most headlights, there are alot of videos on youtube as well.

Here is a good 3rd party youtube video on how to open permaseal headlights

Tail lights

Most older oem tail lights are sealed with butyl which are easier to open.

PREHEAT (very important to preheat) your oven to around 200 degrees F. While it is preheating, remove any screws on the backside of the tail lights which hold the lens to the housing (if present). Once oven is preheated, place one tail in the oven for ten to fifteen minutes. Remove tail light using some gloves. then you can use a flathead screwdrivers to carefully pry the lens off. Put it back in the oven if it seems like its not coming off. 

To install our clear lenses on the housings:

Start by protecting the clear lenses with painters tape. 

Make sure to clean out the old sealant from the channel on the housings. Test fit the lens to make sure that nothing is in the way. Then stretch some butyl or retro rubber in the channel. Put just enough to fill the channel, stretch the butyl to make it thinner and fit correctly. Then put the housing in a pre heated oven at 250-275F for 10-15 minutes. Then press our clear lens on and let cool.

We advise against putting our clear lenses in the oven. We also advise not to clamp our clear lenses or if you have to, be very careful

These 2 video should be helpful. (3rd party videos)