1984-1986 300zx Clear Rear Side Markers (group buy)

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This is a group buy for clear side markers for the 1984 300zx. We will be producing OEM style clear reproduction lenses and housing. You have the option to get them as a plug and play unit or save 25$ and assemble them yourself. 

To get this project started, we need a payment from at least ten customers. This will guarantee you one of the first ten sets. Once we have fulfilled all the orders from the group buy, we will then put the lenses for sale to the public.

If the group buy isn't complete after a month, we will reach out to Ty, the group buy organizer to see if he can help us complete the group buy. Otherwise, the group buy will be cancelled and everyone will be refunded the money they submitted.

Once the group buy is complete, please allow 1-2 weeks for us to produce the molds. Then, allow 3-4 weeks for us to produce and ship out the ten sets.

The group buy will start on March 16th and end on April 16th 2023. Please use the Add to cart button to join the group buy

Group buy status - open

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  4. Matthew 
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Clear side markers are an easy inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your car.

If clear isn't your thing, we can do the lenses in smoke or any other custom color. We can also produce them in amber for an OEM replacement.

Our lenses are an exact duplicate of the OEM so they fit great and provide a clean OEM look.

If you are a DIYer, you can save a few bucks and assemble the lenses on housings yourself, the assembly is very similar to our squarebody side markers, see below. If you are looking for some plug and play side markers, make sure to select the option 'assembled'

1. Test fit lenses and housings, make any adjustments if necessary. 

2. Cover the lenses with painters tape to protect them. If your clamps don't have a smooth surface, put 2-3 layers of tape

3. Sand both matting surfaces

4. Apply a 2 part clear epoxy, ideally UV resistant for clear lenses. Light smoked and smoked lenses look better with tinted epoxy but clear will work as well. Apply the epoxy to the whole perimeter as well as the round bolt holes.

5. Press lens to housing, align and clamp. 

6. Wipe any excess epoxy while it's still wet

6. Clamp