2014-18 GM Clear Tow Mirror Lights (Plug and Play)

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Here is another way to upgrade the look of your truck. The clear turn signal lenses on the tow mirrors are subtle touch but they won't go un-noticed.

If clear isn't your thing, we can do the lenses in smoked or any other custom colors.

We have 2 options available, a DIY kit and a Plug and Play option (on this page) 

Plug and Play option (on this page)

We are now offering these plug and play mirror lights for your Sierra and Silverado. They are not manufactured by Klearz but they are great quality and have a 1 year warranty.

They comes with the lenses, housings and LEDs (strip or dot style), assembled and ready to install. You will need to take your mirrors apart to install these units.  

Note that you'll need to include the adapter if installing in aftermarket mirrors (the switchback mirrors come with the adapter included).  

Shipping to the USA is included. Additional fees for shipping to Canada and overseas 

Lenses only option (view details)

Manufacturer offers 1 year warranty with free shipping on replacements