1998-00 Tacoma Clear Corners and Turn Signal Lights (prerunner)

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Clear turn signals and corner lights are an easy inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your truck.

We are now offering DEPO products through our website to make your buying experience easier, all the clear lenses you need for your truck under one website

Manufacture warranty is 6 months from the purchase date. The Manufacture warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, condensation (light misting), and/or physical damages. Any modification that has been done to the lights (including but not limited to HID or LED retrofits) will automatically void the manufacturer warranty. All incandescent bulbs that are included by the manufacturer is not covered under manufacturer warranty as if the light goes out, it is considered normal wear and tear.  Manufacture warranty does not cover broken joint and/or housing due to it being made of plastic and the over adjustment of this component will cause it to break. Manufacturer warranty covers LED failures and/or stress (spider) markings on the lens, and/or water leaking issues. If you need to file a warranty with the manufacture, please contact us.

Please note that the manufacturer does NOT cover any freight on warranty claims

In the event that the manufacturer has shipped an incorrect item, a return label to call-back the product in question will be provided and a proper replacement will be sent out, (or provide a refund).

Any issues regarding the return of an item (e.g., customer changes their mind, or where the carrier has attempted delivery but the item has been returned due to refusals and/or address issues), will possess a 25% re-stocking fee.