1996-2002 Viper Clear Rear Turn Signals


Made to order


Clear turn signals are an easy inexpensive way to upgrade the look of your car.

If clear isn't your thing, we can do the lenses in smoke or any other custom color. We can also produce them in half clear/half amber an OEM style replacement. The amber color is a very good match to the OEM amber color, see the picture that shows one of our lens next to an oem

Our lenses are an exact duplicate of the OEM so they fit great and provide a clean OEM look.

1. Remove the mounting studs from your oem housings

2. Test fit lenses and housings, make any adjustments if necessary. 

3. Cover the lenses with painters tape to protect them. If your clamps don't have a smooth surface, put 2-3 layers of tape

3. Sand both matting surfaces

4. Clean the lenses and housings

5. Test fit the lenses to housings, a heat gun can be used if the sides of lenses need to be reshaped a bit

6. Apply a 2 part clear epoxy, ideally UV resistant for clear lenses. Apply the epoxy to the lenses 

7. Press lens to housing, make sure the lenses are centered and clamp.