Tired of the lack of variety for the matchbox projectors, we came up with this low profile shroud.

Its available as a one piece shroud (one solid color, no assembly required) or with a separate translucent halo ring. The halo ring is available pre-assembled or separately. Getting the halo ring separate has a few advantages, lets you save a few bucks and assemble yourself or makes it easy to paint the shroud (no masking). The halo ring is available in clear, light smoked, darker smoked or any custom color. The light shrines through the smoked rings better then you would expect. 

The shrouds are available in black, white or any custom color. This is the perfect solution for those who don't like painting, we are offering these in colored plastic, no flaking paint here!

Its worth noting that the halo rings are on the skinny side, they work well with single color LED halos but might have to be slightly modified to accept wider RGB LED halos.

Klearz Matchbox Projector Shrouds

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