Here is another way to upgrade the look of your truck. The clear turn signal lenses on the tow mirrors are subtle touch but they won't go un-noticed.

If clear isn't your thing, we can do the lenses in smoked or any other custom colors.

Our lenses are an exact duplicate of the OEM so they fit great and provide a clean OEM look. They fit the 1500 2014-18 and HD 2014-2019

The lenses also fit the aftermarket mirrors.

The mirror lenses are not a plug and play swap, there is some DIY required to install the clear lenses, we know a few good shops that can do the work if you need a referral.

Here is a youtube video (not ours) that shows how to take the mirrors apart

See more information on the Switchback strips, RGB strips and Smoked strip covers

Now available: Plug and play units

2014-18 Silverado Clear Tow Mirror Lenses

  • Availability: Made to order
  • $65.00

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