• Clear Plastic Bonding Adhesive

At Klearz we assemble and sell alot of clear lenses. We have used many epoxies and adhesives over the years, this is by far the best.

It sets fast, is really strong, sands well and most important, does not yellow over time.

If you have a small job to do, this 2 part .5 oz kit is perfect.

With these 2 small containers, you have enough to assemble 1 or 2 sets of side markers or a set of mirror lenses, or enough to fix a trim piece that has fallen or a badge, etc . This is also great for every day repairs around the house or shop. Like any adhesive, surface preparation is key.

Please note that this sets very fast in the summer when its hot and humid, you don't get much more then a minute before it starts to set. Make sure you are ready to apply once its mixed and only mixed small amounts at a time.

No extra shipping when combined with the purchase of any other item.


Structural bonding of bumper tabs, emblems, body side moldings, rocker panel claddings &  moldings, plastic backer panels, decorative vents, wheel opening moldings, acrylic sun visors, rear wind deflectors, medallions, door edge guards & ground effects.


High strength bonding adhesive for all plastics primed and painted metals glass wood and other surfaces.

Features & Benefits:

  • Clear non-yellowing structural adhesive
  • Super fast cure
  • High-strength flexible bond


  • STRONG – Stronger than the original plastics.
  • SANDS GREAT – Undetectable feather edge.
  • CURES FAST – Sandable in as little as 10 minutes.

Clear Plastic Bonding Adhesive

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