We send out nothing but flawless lenses, here is your chance to save on some slightly less then perfect lenses.

Our lenses are an exact duplicate of the 99-02 OEM so they fit great and provide a clean OEM look.

We produce and sell the lenses only, you'll have to install these on your OEM or OEM style housings. 

After consulting with members of the community, it's been established that the 99-02 silverado housings fit on the 03-06 silverado trucks. The bulb sockets are slightly different. Your options are to swap out the sockets or simply use a file and widen the bulb holder a bit. At this time, it's unclear if our 99-02 lenses will fit on the 03-06 housings. 

We speculate that our lenses also fit the Anzo LED aftermarket housings and potentially other aftermarket housings. We will be testing the Anzo housings in the next couple of weeks. 

Installation help

Please check your bulb type before ordering, we do our best to offer compatible bulbs. The reverse bulbs are 1156 for the 99-02 and 3157 for the 03-06

99-06 Silverado/Sierra Clear Tail Light Lenses (NBS) b stock

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