We send out nothing but flawless lenses, here is your chance to save on some slightly less then perfect lenses.

Our C stock lenses look good installed and the blem will likely never be noticed unless someone is looking for the problem from about 3 feet away.

If we hold the lenses at arms length and the blem does not jump out, its a B stock, if its visible then it goes in C stock. 

These are a great option if you plan on painting the lenses, fully or partly.

Our lenses are an exact duplicate of the OEM so they fit great and provide a clean OEM look. 

The mirror lenses are not a plug and play swap, there is some DIY required to install the clear lenses, we know a few good shops that can do the work if you need a referral.

2014+ Chevy and Sierra Clear Tow Mirror Lenses (C stock)

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  • $20.00

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