Here is another way to upgrade the look of your truck. The clear tailgate lights are subtle touch but they won't go un-noticed.

If clear isn't your thing, we can do the lenses in smoke or any other custom color. We can also produce them in red for an OEM replacement.

These lenses were made from aftermarket lenses. The lighting has been updated to accept a T10 low profile bulb and a T10 socket. This will have to be hardwired into your existing wiring. 

Its best to order the lenses, housings, LEDs and sockets together, but we are making the lenses available by themselves if you want to do something different with the lighting. 

Note that the housing we produce is the housing that holds the bulb socket, not the housing to which the lens snaps into and attaches to the tailgate. That housing will have to be reused from the aftermarket lenses.

New chrome housings are available from LMC Trucks part 38-1073

A set = 5 lenses

1973-1987 Chevrolet/GMC Truck Clear Tailgate lenses (aftermarket)

  • Produced By Klearzusa
  • Availability: Made to order
  • $70.00

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