• Morimoto XSB 6" Switchback LED Strips

We are stocking these 6" flexible LED strips to go with our GM clear mirror lenses.

Though they come out of the box ready to run as a switchback system, the XSB Strips can easily also be wired for use as a bright Amber-only or White-only Strip if that's what you want. Just wire up the appropriate input(s) and you're ready to roll!

Built on a ribbon-based circuit board that's got a side profile of less than one millimeter thick and backed with 3M adhesive. The XSB strips are not only the most flexible LED strips on the market, but they can be mounted in tight spaces too. Finally you can forget about those bulky, unattractive silicone switchback strips for good. NOTE: These cannot flex side-to-side, only front-to-back.

GM Tow mirrors need 2 sets of strips (4 strips total)

Installation instructions


LED STRIPS: 2x Morimoto XSB 3.0 Switchback
DRIVERS: 2x XSB 3.0 
WIRING: 3M Blue Wire Taps

Morimoto XSB 6" Switchback LED Strips

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