This is a great headlight kit for your Viper that was designed to work with your stock headlight. We modified the main housing to accept the matchbox projectors with no cutting. There are add-ons also available such as angel eyes and demon eyes. You have the option to get our top of the line morimoto plug and play HID kit or get an HID kit of your choice.

We are only offering the housing in black or off white. If you're looking for another color, you'll have to paint to color match your sled.

You must transfer 3 attachment clips from your OEM housing to our custom housing. Our custom housing sits in your chrome rear housing (painted in the pictures)

You can get the diy demon eye kit and install it yourself (make a bracket), we no longer offer installation on the demon eyes.

The optional HID kit comes with everything you need to plug and play into your Viper. Comes with a 5 year waranty.

  • HID Ballasts: 2 x Morimoto XB35 (35W)
  • Ballast Igniters: 2 x Morimoto XB Igniter (AMP)
  • Compatible HID Bulbs: 2 x H1: 3Five 5000K
  • Plug and Play Rev Wiring Harness

Should fit the following models:

  • 2014+ SR Viper
  • 2014+ SR Viper LTX
  • 2014+ SR Viper LTX SE
  • 2014+ SR Viper RTX SE
  • 2014+ SR Viper XTX SE

  • 2015+ SR Viper M-TX
  • 2015+ SR Viper M-TX SE
  • 2015+ SR Viper M-TX LE
  • 2015+ SR Viper S-TX DX
  • 2015+ SR Viper X-TX LE
  • 2015+ SR Viper X-TX SE
  • 2015+ SR Viper R-TX LE
  • 2015+ SR Viper R-TX SE
  • 2015+ SR Viper R-TX DX
  • 2015+ SR Viper L-TX LE
  • 2015+ SR Viper L-TX SE
  • 2015+ SR Viper L-TX DX
Coming soon: Viper specific pictures, night output pictures and installation tips

2014+ Yamaha Viper Headlight

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