Here is another way to upgrade the look of your truck. The clear cab lights are subtle touch but they won't go un-noticed.

If clear isn't your thing, we can do the lenses in smoked or any other custom colors.

Most of our lenses can be installed at home but these lenses are very far from a plug and play application.

They have to be separated off the OEM housing with a sonic cutter, it would be hard to do this with a dremel. Then our lenses can be epoxied on the OEM housings. We recommend these lenses be installed by professional retrofitters. 

We also highly recommend masking the windows and painting the remaining of the lenses for a nice finished look.

Smoked and frosted lenses are recommended to hide the LEDs and boards inside. 

The factory LEDs are amber.

Fits the 2014+ Silverado and Sierra

One set = 3 lenses

2014+ GM Clear Cab Lenses

  • Availability: Made to order
  • $120.00

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